Finding a Man

On a walk with Millie, she points to a little white house. “Does anybody live there? I wish I lived there.”

“Yes, Millie. Someone lives there.”

“What about that house?” She points to the house beside it.

“Someone lives there too.”

“How am I ever going to find a house to live in if these are all taken?” Who am I going to live with if everybody already has a family?”

“Millie, I’ll tell you how it works. You live with us until somewhere between 18 and 25, depending on where you go to university. Once you are done school, you can get a job and then you can buy your own house. If you meet a man and get married, then you can live with him too.”

“So, someday I will meet a man? And live with him? And buy a purse? How does someone find a purse?”

…I pause to laugh…

“How will I meet a man?” She starts muttering to herself as if to eliminate her options. “I can’t marry the boys. And I can’t marry you?” She turns to me with compassion. “Oh, but don’t worry mommy, I still love you. And I can’t marry daddy, because he’s already in love.”

Now exasperated, waving empty hands, and showing her willingness to receive, “How does somebody meet a man!?”

I can’t believe we are having these talks already. Four is the new thirty.