Eratosthenes Rediscovered

If you happened to read the blog I wrote about how I solved prime on the weekend, you’re probably still waking up in the morning thinking, ‘well, did she?’ Let me put you at ease, yes and no.

I decided the blog approach of getting my discovery out there targeted the wrong audience. While drawing in the usual mild entertainment seekers, it failed to reach any math experts. Some well-meaning entertainment seekers furthered my cause by forwarding it to anyone even remotely connected to the subject of math or anyone smart, like retired teachers and doctors. [Crickets.]

I took things to the next level and joined my second ever forum (my first was Riders of Vision) called mersenneforum. Awkwardly, people from around the world who are very interested in prime discovery found themselves sieving through pages of my satirical blog to try and isolate any technical findings. I sent them a current photo of my archaic laptop running the program to not only substantiate my claim, but add credibility to my blog.

In full transparency and cooperation, I handed over all my notes (probably could have skipped the blog). After some deliberation it was decided that I narrowly escaped the definition of a crack-pot ( ), those dangerous mathematical impostors who are responsible for spreading false math claims like a virus. Here are serious signs that one can use to recognize a crack-pot:

  • offering prize money (Asking my kids how they’d spend the prize money)
  • stating that your ideas are of great financial, theoretical and/or spiritual value (Claim to alter world events)
  • that you purport to have solved: twin prime conjecture (Infinite twin primes)
  • talking about how great your theory is, but never actually explaining it (Publishing claims in a blog)
  • claiming to have a “proof” of an important result but not knowing what established mathematicians have done on the problem (Eratosthenes who?)
  • pointing out that you have gone to school, as if this were evidence of sanity (And owned a laptop!)
  • beginning the description of your work by saying how long you have been working on it (Completed all on a weekend)
  • favorable comparison of yourself to established experts such as Einstein (Guilty and even photoshopped myself in)
  • naming something after yourself (Millie Code)
  • expecting others to disprove your result(s) rather than providing the proof yourself
  • not knowing how or where to submit their major discovery for publication
  • expressing fear that your ideas will be stolen (or be the target of a foreign attack)

Instead my thread was notably renamed Sieve of Eratosthenes Rediscovered and I was welcomed into their forum.

Honorable Mention Added to Thread Title by Mersenne Forum Denizen
Not a Crack-pot

I take back my previous solicitation. If you share anything, don’t share this one. Get off this train at the next possible stop, which is probably where you got on. Hopes of prize winnings are gone, but look at the bright side: it was a FREE ride!

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