Annihilating Killer Bees

Some memories you try and forget. Most certainly, they are the ones your kids will repeatedly bring up at the dinner table. “Remember the time when Mommy was…” trying to annihilate killer bees.

Nothing like an impromptu BBQ in our backyard to motivate me to take care of the yellow jacket nest beside the house. It couldn’t wait for the husband to come home. I went to Google.

Yellow jacket colonies reach their peak in late August and can hold up to 2000 wasps. In addition, the last brood of wasps are born containing males and next year’s queens, making them extra protective and extremely aggressive. Wear full protective clothing.

I figured protective clothing meant all or nothing. If they do get in, they can’t so easily get out. I set up the soapy shop vac next to their hole and ran back into the house.

Five minutes later the doorbell rang. My neighbour and his daughter stood on our front porch, looking very concerned. He said, “Not to alarm you, but we saw an intruder wearing a hoodie run into your backyard.”

I opened the door further, widening the crack some more, and told them it was actually me.

“And watch out for the wasps!” They stood on my lawn for a while, wearing their ‘unprotective’ clothing, glancing around and looking for bees, smiling in disbelief.

Instead of mentioning that I been stung repeatedly as a child, having jumped on a nest and getting them stuck in my socks, I just let them laugh heartily. I had seven layers of duct tape around my ankles.

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